About Us

Our Website
The website was first launched in 2004 as a direct result of the frustrations we faced when searching for renovation projects. With so many estate agents and property websites springing up throughout London, the search for a suitable property can be time-consuming and frustrating. We employed search techniques to help us find rundown houses and it made sense to expand these into a service that all London developers could benefit from.

We wanted to bring all this information together on one easy to use website, providing buyers with access to the many rundown properties for sale throughout London. We are continually developing the site, improving our search techniques and adding resources we think will benefit our customers.

Our Customers
Our service is used by budding and experienced property developers, builders, foreign investors and first-time buyers looking for a cheaper property to start them on the property ladder. Our aim is simple, to make their search for a property to renovate simpler whilst supporting the regeneration of empty and neglected homes throughout London.

We know we have happy customers and subscribers who return year after year, but if there is anything we can do better, we’d love to know. We need your feedback to ensure we provide the leading website for rundown houses in London.

Our Background
Despite our London roots, our first renovation project was a rundown, one bedroom flat in the Midlands in 1998. We had a small budget, minimal experience and relied on advice and guidance from friends and family in the building trade.

That small project sparked a passion and every property we have bought since has been a renovation project. We have just completed our largest project to date which is a complete renovation and two storey extension of a four bedroom 1930s detached property.

We are planning to enjoy and keep hold of this one for a few years, unless we come across another property to renovate that is just too good an investment to miss!